June 27, 2013

Because Water Is Blue...

So, we're a snow cone business. Everyone who comes to our stand and orders from us knows we are a snow cone business. BUT, there is something that gets lost in translation every once in a while, and that is the fact that we make all our syrups from scratch, with fruit that is as local and organic as possible.

Really, that's the thing that makes Sweet Ice unique! Most people have had a snow cone or two in their time, but chances are, you've gotten it from a carnival vendor who pumps it out of a plastic jug he ordered on the internet. One of our favorite examples of Sweet Ice being misunderstood is when we ask a customer which flavor they'd like, and they say:
Friendly Customer, we don't hold this against you. We are products of our culture! We are slaves to mass-produced, artificial, corn-syrup ridden alternatives! But we're going to clear this up, once and for all. "Blue" is a color, not a flavor. Blue is not in season right now. Blue, my friends, should not be consumed.

Until now.

This weekend is Tall Ships Festival at the Hamilton Waterfront. The Tall Ships Festival is super cool  - the fleet of 1812 ships arrive at Pier 8 tomorrow, and the weekend is filled with nautical, old-timey activities, events and music...
It's going to be a very fun weekend, and we thought it deserved its own commemorative flavor! So...ships sail...they sail on water...water is blue...how about a blue flavor! It's what The People want!

So, here it is, our all-natural BLUE snow cone!

We'll be offering this 'Blueberry Lemonade' beauty along with a bunch of other delicious, all-natural flavors all weekend at Pier 8 (near Sarcoa). Snow cones are $3, and will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon until about 10pm.

You can check out info about the Tall Ships craft fair here, and the music schedule here. Also, more info about the actual TALL SHIPS is here - that is the main event, afterall! This ship is the Sørlandet, it comes all the way from Norway, and it's the oldest full-rigged ship in the world that is still in operation!

This ship, along with the others, will be arriving under the Burlington Skyway Bridge, and pulling into Hamilton Harbour around 2pm on Friday, and there will be a cannon firing ceremony. It's called the Parade of Sails - FUN! Hope to see you there, mates!

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