April 26, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

Last night we had the BEST meeting. We have lots of Sweet Ice meetings...usually at least one every week, especially with our season starting up again. But the meetings we look forward to the most are when we get to sit down with our graphic designer Julie. It's just so much fun to dedicate a few hours to being CREATIVE. She helps us think outside the box and step back from the ideas that have been swirling around between just the two of us.

With the trailer renovations beginning and our busy season approaching we met at Mulberry with lots to talk about...but most exciting was our hands-on discussion about trailer colors. Choosing the color of our Shasta is one of those decisions that we're so excited about but the most scared of - so much commitment to one color! We thought we'd test out our options and see how we felt...
So here are the colors we're choosing from. We took them from our logo and we love all of the options! 1 & 5 are a berry/plum color, 2 & 6 are mustard yellow, 3 & 7 are teal and 4 & 8 are a coral/orange color. We're also trying to decide between the two-toned look (1-4) or just the simple lightning bolt (5-8). So many decisions! We'd love to know what you think - let us know by leaving a comment (and the number of your pick) below or on Facebook or Twitter.
After we tried out our options we weren't done painting, so we just kept going. It got a little out of hand...
We were so proud of each other's paintings! It was fun to just sit and paint for fun - it felt like grade school again!
Thanks for checking out our blog, and again, we're really looking for feedback about this one, so throw us your two cents!

April 16, 2012

Success or Distress?

We did it! YOU did it!
The Art Crawl After Party was on Friday night, and it was AMAZING!
We hit capacity as soon as it started, and the lineup for snow cones basically didn’t end all night!
To everyone who came out – we’re SO humbled by your excitement and support. Thank you for waiting to get in, and thank you for dancing up a storm, and thank you SO MUCH for contributing to our Operation Shasta campaign though buying snow cones and leaving tips!

We’re happy to announce that our fundraiser was a SUCCESS! We raised enough money on Friday night to put us over the top! We're so excited about this project, and are wasting no time - the renovations on the trailer are starting TODAY! 
We'll be having a few more parties like this throughout the summer, so stay tuned! Also, you can see more pictures here! 

(More photos here! Photo Credit: Meagan Tutti-Peters)

April 10, 2012

Dance Party This Friday!

Lots of exciting things happening over here at Sweet Ice!

First, we were featured in the Hamilton Spectator last week! Lisa Marr put together a lovely article that was in the Business section and focused on our Operation Shasta fundraiser. We had a great time talking with her about the campaign, and we went to Bennett's for a little Spectator photo shoot. Here are a few photos we took on our phones during our very short time at Bennett's. We were just so thrilled to enjoy our first snow cones of the season!

Next exciting item: We have our first event of the season this week! And you're invited! We're having an Art Crawl After Party at The Baltimore House on Friday. By that point we'll have about a week left of our fundraiser, so we're looking at this as a 'Success or Distress' party - we'll either be celebrating with you if we're close to raising our goal (SUCCESS!) or crying with you if we're not (DISTRESS!). It starts at 10pm, and there's no cover - all the more reason to indulge in some delicious snow cones! All proceeds from snow cone sales will go towards our trailer fundraiser, and we'll be pulling out some of our most popular spiked snow cones for this special event: The Apple Jack (Apple Cider Syrup + Jack Daniel's), The Daiquiri (Strawberry Lime Syrup + Rum) and the Margarita (Lime Syrup + Tequila)...YUM! Hope you (and everyone you know) can make it!

April 3, 2012


We're so excited! Our fundraiser is up and running!

Since Sweet Ice was just a little dream that we chatted about over lattes, we've always thought that selling snow cones out of a vintage trailer would just be the cutest thing ever. Then, wonder of wonders, this amazing 1962 Shasta came our way, and we couldn't resist! Our goal is to renovate our adorable vintage camping trailer so we can serve snow cones out of it this season! We think this will make Hamilton a more fun and interesting city, and we're so excited to get started on our renovations. We need a little bit of help to get this project underway, so we've put together a fundraising campaign on indiegogo.com, to raise $4000. We just launched last week, and we're blown away by the generosity - we're already over halfway to meeting our goal!

If this is something you can get behind, please head over to our campaign page and watch our little video. Every bit helps, and there are really great prizes to go along with your donations, like t-shirts, and buttons, and private parties, and custom flavors, and limousine parties...no joke. We're so excited to start renovating, and we're SO thankful for all the contributions. It's amazing to see what can happen when we're supported by such an amazing community in Hamilton. Thank you again!

You can follow along with our progress on Facebook and Twitter! And be sure to come out to our snow cone party on Friday, April 13th - all proceeds from snow cone sales going towards Operation Shasta!