April 26, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

Last night we had the BEST meeting. We have lots of Sweet Ice meetings...usually at least one every week, especially with our season starting up again. But the meetings we look forward to the most are when we get to sit down with our graphic designer Julie. It's just so much fun to dedicate a few hours to being CREATIVE. She helps us think outside the box and step back from the ideas that have been swirling around between just the two of us.

With the trailer renovations beginning and our busy season approaching we met at Mulberry with lots to talk about...but most exciting was our hands-on discussion about trailer colors. Choosing the color of our Shasta is one of those decisions that we're so excited about but the most scared of - so much commitment to one color! We thought we'd test out our options and see how we felt...
So here are the colors we're choosing from. We took them from our logo and we love all of the options! 1 & 5 are a berry/plum color, 2 & 6 are mustard yellow, 3 & 7 are teal and 4 & 8 are a coral/orange color. We're also trying to decide between the two-toned look (1-4) or just the simple lightning bolt (5-8). So many decisions! We'd love to know what you think - let us know by leaving a comment (and the number of your pick) below or on Facebook or Twitter.
After we tried out our options we weren't done painting, so we just kept going. It got a little out of hand...
We were so proud of each other's paintings! It was fun to just sit and paint for fun - it felt like grade school again!
Thanks for checking out our blog, and again, we're really looking for feedback about this one, so throw us your two cents!


  1. I vote for the two tone look! I can't decide on a color though so anything 1-4 gets my vote. Can't wait to *hopefully* visit y'all this summer and eat lots of Sweet Ice Snow Cones!

  2. Great creative process. I love #7. The teal is vibrant and and represents Sweet Ice Snow Cones. #7 gives you white space on the trailer for your logo, even for daily specials and other promos.