July 12, 2011

Darling Snow Cone Stand

Some more pictures from Jared and Michelle’s wedding! We had such a fun time! Our flavors for this event were ‘Sweet Espresso’, ‘Raspberry Lemonade’ and ‘Watermelon Mint’ - so yummy! We decorated our stand with some peonies right out of Meg’s garden. The chalkboard is something we picked up at our Caledonia Yard Sale adventure a few weeks ago. All in all, our Sweet Ice stand looked quite darling! You can see more pictures here!           

July 5, 2011

Here She Is!

This weekend we went to see our trailer in REAL LIFE for the FIRST TIME! It’s just a few hours away from Hamilton, and we were going to be driving past it, so we just had to stop in. HOW CUTE IS IT?! We’re going to be picking it up in just a few weeks - we’re SO excited…