October 18, 2011


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and what an amazing weekend it was. We have a few dear friends who live here in Hamilton, and are far away from their families. It’s no good to spend holidays away from your family, so we thought we’d plan a nice ‘family dinner’ for some of the people we love so much.

Cake + Loaf was a must-stop for us, with their pies and their delicious cranberry sauce (with orange, sage and rosemary). The girls who own Cake + Loaf are SO nice, and it’s always such a pleasure to go in there. Our friend Meag made the turkey - a huge free-range 17-pounder! We had mixed drinks (courtesy of Sweet Ice/left overs from our dance party…) and everyone made the most amazing food. Add all that to an amazing long table in Meg’s living room, with 18 wonderful people sitting around it, and you get the best Thanksgiving dinner ever…

October 11, 2011

Even More Dancing...

First order of business: Who won the private snow cone party!? We had so many people purchase their tickets ahead of time, and we're so pleased with the enthusiasm! You guys LOVE snow cones! The winner was chosen at the party, and it was the lovely Jenn Arnold! Congrats Jenn!
As promised - we have more dance party pictures! We had such an amazing time! It really was the perfect way to end the Sweet Ice season. It’s been a few weeks since the party, and we’ve already had SO many requests for another one. (Hmm, New Years?)
DJ Donna Lovejoy absolutely killed it on the 1’s and 2’s, and Anne was the best bartender we could have asked for. We took turns on snow cone duty, and spent the rest of our night dancing away. It really was the most fun night ever! More pictures here.
(Photos by Karyn M Photography)

October 4, 2011

Dance Party!

WHOA!! Our dance party happened! And it was SO MUCH FUN!
We hope you were able to make it - we couldn’t believe the turnout! And the dancing! And the great music! And we’re just so floored that everyone loved our mixed-drink snow cones SO much! We were so flattered to see lineups the whole night! (Pardon the exclamation marks - we’re basically on cloud nine over here…)
That’s all for now, we’re still resting up…but we did get a few sneak peeks from our photographer! More pictures coming soon!

(Photos by Karyn M Photography)