April 16, 2012

Success or Distress?

We did it! YOU did it!
The Art Crawl After Party was on Friday night, and it was AMAZING!
We hit capacity as soon as it started, and the lineup for snow cones basically didn’t end all night!
To everyone who came out – we’re SO humbled by your excitement and support. Thank you for waiting to get in, and thank you for dancing up a storm, and thank you SO MUCH for contributing to our Operation Shasta campaign though buying snow cones and leaving tips!

We’re happy to announce that our fundraiser was a SUCCESS! We raised enough money on Friday night to put us over the top! We're so excited about this project, and are wasting no time - the renovations on the trailer are starting TODAY! 
We'll be having a few more parties like this throughout the summer, so stay tuned! Also, you can see more pictures here! 

(More photos here! Photo Credit: Meagan Tutti-Peters)

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