June 25, 2013

All Aboard!

Okay, so we went to the best event on Friday night. We had been gloating about it all week, so maybe you've heard about how we got to serve spiked snow cones on a moving train. Is that even allowed? Apparently it is! And it was awesome. Put on by Wilfred Laurier University Student Publications, Steel Rail Sessions has been happening for a few years now, and is described as Nuit Blanche on a train. Basically, every car contains some kind of art installation, or dance party, or bar, or SOMETHING, and then the train would stop every once in a while with interesting shows, acts, and food outside for the guests to enjoy. It was great.
The train was beautiful and old, and had these giant windows with a perfect country breeze. Our car was pretty full most of the time, which was hilarious, because every time the train would slow down or go over bumps, we'd all have to try to stay standing and not fall all over each other. It was chaotic, but probably one of the most fun events we've done.
Neal was a great train conductor.
We didn't make that sign, but we did approve it, hehe.
One of the coolest things about this event was hearing people talk about Kitchener, and how much they love it there. Apparently there are some really amazing cultural things bubbling up there in the arts and music scenes - we had no idea! People talked about it they way that we talk about Hamilton, and that was really encouraging. It's just a good thing for people to stand together on a train and drink spiked snow cones, and talk about the cities they love. Steel Rails, thanks for choo-choo-choooosing us. xo
(Photo #1: kdub.ca)

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