July 17, 2012

July Art Crawl + The Cutest Wedding Ever

Hello dear friends!
Sweet Ice had a whirlwind of a weekend! I (Meg) was on bridesmaid duty, which meant it was our first event without both of us slinging cones! Kind of bittersweet - bitter because I missed out on the snow cone fun, but sweet because I did get to enjoy Sweet Ice as a customer and we got to welcome some new faces behind the stand. Anne and Jaimi rocked it!
We participated in a campaign with Kitesting and Core Urban lofts - if you tweeted something that you loved about the core you'd get a free snow cone! There was a live #iheartthecore Twitter feed set up at the Lister Block, and it was so great to see all the uplifting responses that came in about why people love this city! Read all about it at iheartthecore.com.
CBC Hamilton is so nice - we just love 'em! They allow us to plug in at their building (thank you!), they played our new commercial on loop during the crawl (thanks again!) and they had a super cute photo booth set up. Look at those adorable snow cone fans!
I got to stop in at Sweet Ice on my way to the rehearsal dinner and when I walked up I was surprised to see...ACROBATS. Yes, acrobats. This is Hamilton's art crawl, which is consistently amazing and interesting, so I shouldn't really be so surprised, but it was a little unexpected! Kevin and I indulged in some Apple Cider and Raspberry Green Tea snow cones, respectively, and I had a great time checking out the art crawl!
A highlight: Cameron Elder doing his thing in the Needlework window and stopping by the booth with his new buttons and adorable hair model, Sharon.
Another highlight: Stopping in at the Blush mobile shop! Michele has turned this vintage caravan into a super cute pink shop and she came from Guelph to enjoy the art crawl! As always, it was lovely to run into the Beaux Mondes ladies here as well!

Then we moved on to another amazing event! My sister-in-law got married on Saturday and we were so honored that they requested Sweet Ice to be a part of their big day. Karyn and Nic are the cutest couple to walk this planet, and their wedding was just SO BEAUTIFUL!
What a great day - we're so excited that we have a few more snow cone weddings to look forward to this season!
(Art Crawl Photo Cred: #2 (@taylorshadney) #3 (@margaretlintott) #5 (CBC Hamilton) #7 (@helensavestheday), #9 (@michaelpett), all others from Sweet Ice Snow Cones)

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