July 6, 2012

Heads Up, Feelin' Inspired.

Oh, hi!

It's July! (WHAT?!) Prime snow cone season! You may be wondering (or you maybe haven’t been wondering) where we’re setting up lately. Well friends, things are a bit slow moving with Sweet Ice these days. We do have a bunch of great snow cone events booked for the next few weeks, but they are mostly private as we work towards getting our trailer renovated and getting licensed by the City of Hamilton. It's a bit of a trudge these days, but with so many amazing new things happening around us, it's easy to keep our spirits up and march on. We'll get there! The trailer will SOMEDAY be renovated, and then there will be snow cones for all! We promise.

A few things that have kept us inspired lately?

We visited Manual Labour Coffee, which is a mobile espresso shop that runs out of a (get this) VINTAGE TRAILER. The trailer is named Frankie, and the operators of this brilliant little scheme are Matt and Katie, who are just the sweetest (Not sure if you kept up with our tweets or instagrams of this meet & greet, but we’re basically SMITTEN). They set up at the Oakville Farmers Market and serve amazing Detour products from their trailer. It’s magical.

We strongly suggest making the trip to Oakville to visit MLC, but we're also hoping they make their way to Hamilton soon! There is talk of setting up a vintage trailer meetup, so stay tuned for that. Oh man, that's the cutest idea ever. Cute-o-meter just broke.

Speaking of people being cute and us being inspired, a few weeks back we had a potluck with some of the most amazing people.This affectionately titled 'Lady Business Partner Potluck' (needs a new name!) was basically a night spent in the company of some of the most inspiring women we know. Needlework, White Elephant, The Cannon, Cake + Loaf, Beaux Mondes...the ladies behind these amazing initiatives were all in attendance, so you can imagine that the conversation was delightful and the food was divine. One of the highlights: going around the room and finding out how each duo came into existence. Another highlight: we had ice cream in tea cups. And all the pictures you see were taken by the one and only, Hollie Pocsai. :)

We’re going to be doing this regularly, so we can just hang out and dream together. SO nice.

So! That’s where we’re at these days. Still slinging cones, and planning to see all your lovely faces at the July Art Crawl. Send some happy trailer wishes this way, and we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Yumm... I love snow cones, haven't had one is so long actually. Get that trailer renovated so that you can start selling lots and make some money to pay for the renovations. Thank you for this lovely post.