June 14, 2012


Did you hear? Did you hear? Sweet Ice has memorabilia now! We worked with our friends at Flyprint and The Print Studio to develop some super cute tanks, tee's and totes, and they're for sale now!

We've had lots of comments and questions about how people can get their hands on this stuff, so we've tried to make it pretty simple for you: the tanks and tee's are $20, and the totes are $15. You can order from our online shop (here!) and if you have any questions, just send us an email and we'll sort it all out. :) Look how CUTE everything is!

So, there are tanks with snow cones - these guys are loose-fitting and very comfortable. Basically, you'll want to live in this thing all summer. Adorned with our adorable snow cone, this American Apparel tank is available in black, grey and white. Ladies, it'd look especially cute with a colorful bandeau under it or even over your bathing suit! The snow cone is so super summery, making this tank perfect for the hot weather these days. Keep in mind - unisex sizing!

There are also tanks with logos. American Apparel, available in black, grey (not pictured) and white, unisex sizing:

Tee's with logos! This super comfy tee is great on it's own, or under a sweet denim jacket or hoodie. We think it'd look great on you! Also American Apparel, and available in black and grey in unisex sizing.

Oh, and totes! Who could forget? Well, we did, so we didn't get any pictures of them, so here is our adorable friend Meag "toting" hers proudly. You can get it in yellow, teal (pictured) or fuchsia. Now that I'm looking at this, I'm pretty sure the arrow wasn't necessary, but hey, we said we were trying to make this simple.

So there you have it! Order away, to your hearts content, and if you're caught wearing your Sweet Ice memorabilia, get a picture and post it to our Facebook or Twitter, cuz we wanna see how cute you look!

Also, a quick reminder about the Sweet Ice commercial, which is coming up SO SOON! Not this Saturday, but next - June 23rd. All the info is on the Facebook event, but just so you know, we'll be meeting at Hill Street Park at 7:20pm. Early next week we'll be posting outfit inspirations for you, but think 'plain, colorful, summery, classic'...if that helps. We need as many people as we can possible get, so we really hope you can make it, and please please invite your friends, and have them click 'join' on the Facebook event. Our commercial director, Brooks Reynolds, has said that more people = better commercial, and we want it to be the very best!

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