June 17, 2012

Commercial Time! Commercial Time!

The countdown is on! Our commercial is this Saturday! We've got about 100 people signed up to attend, and we're still looking for more, so as you make your plans for the weekend, please ask your friends, and see if there is anyone you know that would want to be part of a very fun little project!

Here's the plan: grab all your friends and meet at Hill Street Park (in Hamilton, just off Dundurn) at 7:20 pm on Saturday. There will be some Sweet Ice reps there to greet you with a smile, give you the low-down and get everything prepped. All of you snow cone fanatics will get into formation, and will basically be bursting around a corner together in a big mass of excitement to create a super-happy Sweet Ice parade. At the end of the procession, you'll end up at our vintage camping trailer for snow-cone-glow-stick mingling, and we'll wrap the whole thing up within a few hours. All you need to worry about is showing up, bringing a cheery snow cone attitude (not sure what that entails besides lots of laughs!), and wearing a cute outfit. We've put together some inspiration outfits for you - just think plain but fun with summery colours. Here, take a look:

Things to specifically note: modest, family friendly attire; no logos, text or symbols on clothing (unless it's Sweet Ice memorabilia); no distracting colors (ie. neon). We will have fun props, but if you're looking to bring something we'd love it if you brought fruit! Tote along a pineapple! Juggle some lemons! Balance an apple on your head! Sweet Ice loves fruit, and we welcome it with open arms. We hope our instructions here make it clear enough, but still leave this open enough for you to find something to wear that you feel really comfortable in! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us, and we'd be happy to answer! We'll see you at 7:20 on Saturday evening! And again, if you know anyone else that would like to join, send them the link and have them click 'Join', or just bring 'em along!

*IMPORTANT: Sunday is the rain date, so if we need to postpone, we'll let you know via Facebook and Twitter, and everything will be moved to Sunday at 7:20 pm. But don't worry, it's just...not going to rain.

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