May 1, 2014

Sweet Ice 2014!

Hey guys! As you may have read in our last post, Sweet Ice has some exciting changes coming this year. The biggest change is that we're moving away from street service and festivals, and spending more time in the world of weddings. We've loved our time at Art Crawl, Supercrawl, and so many other amazing local festivals. We are so thankful for all the times you've lined up at our booth, and enjoyed our snow cones - thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Getting ready for Art Crawl!

Over the years, however, we've become more and more excited about the thing that has always set Sweet Ice apart - our all-natural, made from scratch syrup. Our syrup is something we create very slowly, in small batches, with a lot of care, and we love to be able to chat with people about the syrup, the fresh ingredients, and 'slow food' in general. The fast pace of festivals just doesn't allow for that. We've come to find that the creativity and relaxed vibe at weddings really works for Sweet Ice. What that means, however, is you won't be able to find us in public very much this year, except for a few occasions! (read on...)

Supercrawl was always the BEST. Hamilton's Christmas!
We always had our cooler, if we wanted to take a little break. :)
There are three important things that you, our beloved snow cone fans, need to know:

1) Feel free to let your friends know about snow cones at weddings. It's just the cutest idea, and so refreshing, delicious, and unique. Without street service, we'll need our pals to help us get the word out there, so we appreciate you sharing the love! If anyone you know is interested in booking, they can email '' for more info and prices.

2) There's an announcement! Sweet Ice Soda is back!

We want people to continue enjoying our syrups, and they are amazing as Italian sodas! So, beginning this weekend and next, we're rolling our syrups into a few of our favourite Hamilton coffee shops. We started this last summer, and are eternally grateful to the Cannon for giving us a cozy home to work out all of our kinks! This summer, we're expanding, and will be in four local shops! Spanning from east to west, you'll be able to enjoy Sweet Ice Soda at The Cannon, Cafe Oranje, Cake & Loaf, and Detour.

Check them out here:

(beginning this Friday, for Sew Hungry)

(beginning this Saturday)

(beginning next week; stay tuned for an announcement on Facebook or Twitter)

(beginning this Saturday

3) We'll be having pop-up shops throughout the summer at these locations, so people can still enjoy a Sweet Ice snow cone! Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter pages, to get announcements on where we'll be set up. There won't be much notice - basically we'll just see if it's hot enough for a snow cone, announce the location, and then show up to sell our cute treats!

Looking forward to another season of Sweet Ice, where things are always exciting and new. Thanks for following along!

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  1. So excited for you guys! Hope you see you two at some of our weddings, hopefully sooner than later;)