February 6, 2012

Back to School!

We tried something new! Silk-screening! We wanted to make something (to be revealed soon!) for some friends of ours, and in regular Sweet Ice fashion, we thought the best option was to do it ourselves! 
We signed up for a membership at The Print Studio on James St North, and registered for their one-day silk-screening class. Paula, Matt and Chris did a great job of walking us through the prep for the class - creating a simple graphic for the t-shirts we'd be printing. 
Once we got there, Chris was just spectacular at showing us how to transfer our image to the screen in the dark room, how to rinse the screen, how to set up their super-awesome-carousel-printing-station, how to ACTUALLY PRINT, and then set the ink, and then he even tried on one of the shirts we made, just for good measure! Yay Chris!
Here it is, guys. It's official - we highly recommend taking a class at The Print Studio. Our experience was an absolute delight, we learned so much, and now, with our membership (the basic fee starts at just $50/year!) we can't wait to go back and print everything we can get our hands on!
Oops. Meg accidentally got ink on her finger and then on a shirt and then used what she thought was dish soap to get it out, but then it wasn't dish soap, it was vegetable oil. That was interesting. ANYWAYS, we'll reveal what we made next week. Here's hint: It's a Valentines gift for some of the coolest cats in Hamilton.

(See 'Part 2' of our silk-screening adventure here!)

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