September 13, 2011


Oh goodness. Supercrawl is amazing! What a crazy day!
We had a great time at our booth, and got to meet so many wonderful people. Our flavors were a total hit, and we sold out just as the night was wrapping up. We’re so grateful for all the support and positive feedback we got, and we felt so honored to be part of such an incredible event. It seems like everyone is feeling really proud to be part of Hamilton right about now. I think it'll take all of us a few days to come down from this city-high we've got going on...
You can find more Sweet Ice Supercrawl pictures here! And for pictures of the rest of the event, you can look here, here, and here, just to start! 
We’ll be at Open Streets this weekend, so maybe we’ll see you there!
(photo credit: Jubilee Creative)

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